Our umbrellas are durable. We are carefully crafted with the highest quality materials, combining aesthetics with unparalleled durability, which is very suitable for modern consumers.

For more than five centuries, our family has been committed to the production of umbrellas. We have always been the largest manufacturer of umbrellas in China. I took over the family’s business ten years ago. I brought a new design concept, thanks to us. Have young designers.

   Since we opened an online umbrella shop, buying umbrellas has become simple and fast. Everyone uses umbrellas, and our goal is to help you choose the best umbrella for you and your customers. Our goal has always been to provide quality umbrellas, but more importantly, to provide excellent service to all those who trust us to serve them.

   As far as quality is concerned, you can really buy an umbrella for good value. Choosing between folding, golf, windproof, windproof, single canopy, double canopy or ventilated canopy, automatic, fiberglass, metal, poplin, vinyl, wood, foam or plastic handles can be a little bit incomprehensible Take care! Check out our Knowledge Center for advice, examples and guidance to make the best choice.

   An unusually strong umbrella

  As early as 2010, we started with umbrellas. An extremely strong and extremely durable umbrella. By combining engineering performance with urban style, and by providing a series of real technological improvements, these umbrellas are first welcomed by designers, industrial engineers and other creative professionals who require products to be intelligently designed and meet their high aesthetic standards.

About Us Umbrella Store

   We believe that it is better to buy a high-quality product that can last for many years, rather than endless replacement.

   Driven by word of mouth and rave reviews, YUMENG now proudly claims to be the strongest and highest quality umbrella supplier on the market. Our umbrellas and accessories combine rustic elegance with perfect performance. Buying a Davek umbrella is an example of your choice of long-term investment. Our customers prefer to buy high-quality products that last for many years, rather than a steady stream of low-quality small products.

About Us Umbrella Store

  YUMENG Umbrellas has been carefully designed, passed 96 procedures and 12 inspections, and is durable. As proof of its commitment to quality, Davek provides an unconditional lifetime warranty for every umbrella.

  We are the real specialists when it comes to umbrellas and we passionately strive to push the boundaries of development in dealing with the inclement British weather.

  Quality is the cornerstone of our success and we use only the highest specification materials and exacting engineering standards before beautifully hand finishing every product.

Our aim is to “brighten up your day” offering you a wide range of rain protection products to suit your specific requirements. We strive to blend fun and fashionable designs with quality materials and workmanship so you can enjoy your YUMENG product time after time, confident in the knowledge that it has been designed to last.